Adventages of Shopping Preloved Chanel Bags

Designer handbags are made with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, which results in a product that is durable and long-lasting. This can be a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a handbag that will stand the test of time and maintain its appearance and functionality.

Even though it is a worthwhile investment and designer handbags nowadays are more popular than ever, Chanel increased its prices for 2023. It came as a surprise to absolutely no one, but, if we consider the latest hikes for Chanel bags, it is hard not to wonder when and if the price increases will see an end.

It is well known that price increases twice a year and it is something that is expected by customers over the past years as common practice. As per CFO Philippe Blondiaux, he stated that their prices are revised twice a year. That is something they have always done and will continue to do.

The increase was excessive! Excessive enough that the only Classic Flap under $10,000 is the small size, with the Maxi reaching the $11,000 now. The Classics were hit with a 16% increase, rising prices above $10,000 for most. The Coco Handle, Chanel 19, and the Pearl Crush were all given a 14% increase across the board. This was a global increase that affected many markets.

Other brands also implement increases, however Chanel seems to be in a league of its own with the percentage and consistency of increases. The new prices put these bags on par with Hermès pricing and as reported by many, out of reach.

While many feel negative about the price increase, plenty will unwillingly pay more for the bags they have been eying. Chanel understands its core customer well, one they will confidently retain while reaching new luxury customers.

Although prices have increased it is important to note that buying a designer handbag can be a significant financial investment and they hold their value well over time and can even appreciate in value, making them a potential investment opportunity.

This is a great reason why you should buy pre-owned designer handbags now! Not only that you can find the bags that are no longer available in stores, but the difference in price you will find with us is significantly more affordable! Every bag comes with an authentication certificate and shipping is free of charge. Still having a second thought of buying a preloved designer handbag? Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

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